Bellstar Hotels & Resorts Announces Executive Appointments

Calgary, Alberta (February 8, 2017) — Two executive appointments by Bellstar Hotels & Resorts, the Calgary-based leader in hotel and resort management, will help ensure that 2017 is another stellar year for the company.

Bellstar manages destination resorts across Western Canada, with locations in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, and in British Columbia at Kicking Horse Mountain and on Vancouver Island.

According to Chief Executive Officer Dale Hodgson, Bellstar’s new strategy for expansion comes at a time when independent hotels and resorts are requiring much stronger hospitality management and innovative marketing skills to stay competitive with major hotel chains.

Michel Joncas, who has more than 20 years' experience as a leader, regionally and at the property level for upscale hotel chains including Marriott, Hilton, Delta Hotels, and Intrawest Resort, has been appointed to Vice President of Operations.

Joncas has demonstrated a successful track record in reducing costs and increasing profitability without any slip in quality standards.

The career of new Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Ian M. Thorley encompasses more than 20 years of hotel and resort revenue development at luxury and upscale hotel chains, including Four Seasons and Delta Hotels & Resorts, as well as with independent brands like Skyline Hotels & Resorts. He is a graduate of the Ryerson University Hotel Management program.

Thorley’s winning formula for the last few years at Bellstar has contributed to its strong revenue growth and ability to outperform industry benchmarks.

“Our hospitality management solutions are built around strong owner returns,” said Hodgson. “The superb judgment and track record of our executive team means we’re able to excel at providing superior management solutions to upscale hotels and resorts across North America.”

About Bellstar

Bellstar is a Canadian-based management company that drives profitability for independent resorts. Bellstar ensures each managed property maintains its individuality, while leveraging key centralized management resources, ensuring efficient and inviting operations. All of its hotels and resorts benefit from Bellstar’s corporate mission of exceptional experiences for guests, owners and employees.

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