Top 5 Western Canada Landscape Photographers On Instagram

With one click, we are photographically transported to all corners of the world — exploring beautiful places from the vantage point of these talented photographers, imagining ourselves alongside them, dipping our toes in streams and climbing up mountain ranges at sunset.

We’ve picked our top five Western Canada landscape photographers on Instagram. It’s photos like these that inspire us to drop everything to get outside and experience our beautiful countryside.

Sun-kissed mountains, foggy summits and goose bump inducing heights greet you on Stevin Tuchiwsky’s Instagram page. His style of photography gives us a first-person view, allowing us to be part of his latest excursion.

Patience is the name of the game for Mark Jinks and has it ever paid off! Mark has captured our sky in all its moods. From dancing aurora borealises to brooding storm clouds over prairie fields. Mark’s photos are a treat for the eye.

Grab a warm cup of tea and settle in — Rebecca Simrose’s photos will keep you enraptured for hours. Her moody, otherworldly photos have endless details to discover. Star trails over the mountains and lush green forests look fantastical through Rebecca’s lens.

Whether it’s teetering on the edge of a snowy mountain ledge or chancing upon a secluded cabin at the base of the Rockies, to glorious reflections in the turquoise waters of mountain lakes, Matthew Massa takes us on his adventures in Canada and beyond. Seeing the western Canadian landscape through his eyes opens ours to the beauty that we call home.

Peaceful. That’s the best way to describe Dan Lum’s photos. Dan is a great storyteller, capturing the essence of the landscape around him in clean, simply beautiful images.