Why Hotel Owners Are Turning To Bellstar

You are looking for top market share and returns, but you know that major brands are just too costly and ineffective in Canadian resort markets.

Bellstar has become the leading manager of Canadian resorts by delivering high Owner returns at the lowest cost. Our role is to support you by generating the most revenue in the fastest and easiest way.

Are you a hotel owner or condo hotel strata manager ready to reach maximum revenue potential?


As Bellstar’s roots are in hotel ownership and development, we do not enforce unprofitable brand mandates. Our sales and marketing is market-specific; with initiatives and tactics focused on your property to ensure that every marketing dollar is effectively used.

Bellstar offers complete global consumer brand marketing, national advertising, and global sales and reservations.



Most major hotel brands charge an average of 15% of total revenue with complex additional charges, lengthy legal commitments and usually unnecessary capital expenditures. Bellstar offers multiple low cost alternatives including fee and shared revenue models that never sacrifice maximum revenue potential. 

Most Owners/Developers simply have no idea how much more demand (room nights) is required to offset the brand’s incremental costs.  Even the new “soft brands” aimed at converting independent hotels and resorts are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. These so called new “soft brands” have many similar costs (without any established brand recognition) and are simply revenue sharing models providing access to pricey and ineffective brand loyalty programs.



Hospitality as an industry has traditionally fallen into the laggards for the innovation adoption lifecycle. Major brands that have over 5000 hotels worldwide will continue to struggle in terms of technology. Bellstar falls at the opposite end of the lifecycle.  As early adopters, Bellstar is focused on incorporating the most trusted and effective hospitality technology to ensure it is one step ahead of it’s competition. 



Bellstar is made up of a collection of iconic Canadian hotels and resorts in the upscale category. Our experience includes strata and wholly-owned hotels and resorts.  Understanding the nuances of strata properties is our specialty. We have converted a number of properties to Bellstar and really understand how this can be done both efficiently and cost effectively.

Right from the start we enable a simple “hands on” conversion process for your property.  Owner support ramps up further after conversion with annual feedback surveys, quarterly meetings, and monthly reviews so you are ensured that Bellstar is engaged and prioritizing owner relations.