Away from the light pollution and noise, the Bellstar collection of resorts offer one of the top places to stargaze in the world.

We highly recommend

Night Sky App (iOS and Android)

Download Night Sky and quickly identify stars, constellations, satellites and planets as well as weather conditions for the coming night. On top of this information, Night Sky has a robust stargazing community that provide great suggestions for the best place to stargaze around the world. 
Favorite Feature: Ask Siri What’s that Star?



Jack uses his photography to create a sense of wonder and inspire adventure.  His style of photography takes many notes from both astronomy and traditional landscape photography and combines the two genres. He plans shots out days, weeks and sometimes even months in advance to make sure all of the elements align properly.  His portfolio includes a number of shots from within Western Canada. 

Iridium Flare – Supernova Like


Have you ever looked up at the night sky and watched a slow-moving "star" suddenly surge to Venus-like brightness and then disappear just as quickly? Chances are you've seen an Iridium flare. These take-you-by-surprise bursts of light are glints of sunlight from Iridium spacecraft, a "constellation" of nearly 100 communications satellites in low-altitude orbits around Earth.

Normally these look like slow-moving faint stars, typical of many orbiting satellites. But when the Sun strikes an antenna just right, an observer on the ground sees a brilliant but brief glint of sunlight or flare. Because the orientation of most of these craft is still tightly controlled, flare times are predictable.

Set your Night Sky App to notifications and be notified of Meteor showers and Iridium Flares waiting for you in the sky.

Steller Stars


Winter Skies

Orion is the legendary great hunter of the Greek mythology. It is one of the most recognizable star figures in the winter night sky.  We recommend using the Night Sky app to find it.   It has been said that the mythical Orion was also one of the most beautiful of men and the most skillfull of hunters. Unfortunately, Orion accepted this praise with utter confidence that it was true, and then some. He began boasting of his skills, claiming to have total superiority over all creatures.


Summer skies

This bragging annoyed the Greek gods and they decided to punish him for his overinflated ego. They sent Scorpius, the scorpion, to earth to sting Orion's foot, and kill him. Diana, an admirer of Orion (and his ego) begged the Greek gods to send the great hunter into the sky to remember him by. They agreed, but they also placed the scorpion there to warn against such nasty crimes as ego. In Orion's dying breaths he asked not to be placed near the scorpion. Thus, Orion dominates the winter skies while Scorpius' rules the summer resort skies.