Beach Club: Stay™ | Green

Bellstar Hotels & Resorts has created the Stay™ | Green program - a sustainability plan incorporating company-wide triple-bottom-line operating policies and environmentally-friendly business practices to educate guests, suppliers and staff and to help preserve our planet for future generations. A standard set of guidelines are provided to all operational teams at our hotels and resorts with the goal of creating a sustainable world by using non-intrusive, high quality, eco-friendly products and services. Although these are steps in the right direction, we are constantly striving to create new opportunities to further decrease our ecological footprint while advancing the exceptional experience that our guests expect. Visit bellstar.ca/green for more information.


Bellstar is a leading supporter of the Green Key and the Green Meeting Eco-Rating program. The Green Key and the Green Meeting Eco-Rating program are graduated rating systems designed to recognize hotels, motels, and resorts that are committed to improving their environmental performance. Based on the results of a comprehensive environmental audit, hoteliers are awarded a green key rating from 1-5 and given guidance on how to "unlock" opportunities to reduce environmental impacts through reduced utility consumption, employee training, and supply chain management. For more information on Bellstar’s Stay™ | Green partnerships please visit bellstar.ca/green.

The Beach Club Resort is certified by, or partners with the following organizations:

     Green Key Meetings Logo    Clean the World logo    Green Key Eco-Rating Program logo    EcoStay logo

Green Key Meetings

Green Key Global and The MPI Foundation Canada created the Green Key Meetings program as a comprehensive assessment tool for hotel and resort properties that host meetings of any size. The assessment tool not only tells a hotel property what it has done to date, it provides a roadmap on how to improve. Using the existing Green Key Eco-Rating Program as a benchmark, the program is a comprehensive assessment designed as a tool to provide Travel, Meeting and Conference Planners with a sense of a hotel’s level of commitment to environmental issues. For more information about Green Key Meetings please visit bellstar.ca/green-key-meetings.

Green Key Eco-Rating Program

The Green Key Eco-Rating Program is a graduated rating system designed to recognize hotels, motels and resorts that are committed to improving their environmental and fiscal performance. Based on the results of a comprehensive environmental self-assessment, hoteliers are awarded a 1-5 Green Key rating and provided with guidance on how to "unlock" opportunities to reduce environmental impacts and operating costs through reduced utility consumption, employee training, and supply chain management. Each Bellstar property has been individually rated by Green Key so that you, the guest, can better understand the level of sustainable practices at the property. The Beach Club Resort has a level 5 Green Key rating. For more information about the Green Key Eco-Rating program visit bellstar.ca/green-key-eco-program.

Clean The World

Clean the World is a foundation committed to reducing the waste created by discarded soap and shampoo products while preventing deaths by hygiene-related illnesses around the world. By sending the unused portion of Bellstar's soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion products to Clean the World's recycling facilities, we are decreasing the waste in our landfills and helping improve the quality of life for those in homeless shelters and impoverished countries worldwide. For more inforation about Clean the World visit bellstar.ca/clean-the-world.


Bellstar Hotels & Resorts partners with EcoStay™, a program that will offset our properties carbon footprint. The program will be launched in all Canmore and Osoyoos properties on April 20, 2012. EcoStay™ is a national initiative that helps hotels measure their carbon footprint, identify and fund reduction strategies and balance off their greenhouse gas emissions through carbon offsetting.

Under the program, Bellstar properties will collect two dollars per night from hotel guests. Funds will be used to purchase carbon offsets in support of emission-reducing projects across the province such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, composting and recycling - making each hotel night completely ‘carbon neutral’. The guest’s contribution completely offsets the impact or their stay, and more.  Carbon offsets are supplied by LivClean, a top ranked retailer by the David Suzuki Pembina. All LivClean Eco-Stay™ Carbon Offset Projects are listed on the CSA Group’s GHG CleanProjects™ Registry ensuring ISO 14064-2 reporting and independent ISO 14064-3 verification.  In addition, each offset tonne is uniquely serialized by CSA Group to ensure proper retirement and avoid double counting. For more inforation about Ecostay™ visit bellstar.ca/ecostay.

Team Green Effort

Each Bellstar property has an assigned Stay™ | Green committee consisting of three Bellstars (Bellstar team members). The team meets once a month to discuss environmental issues and strategies to go the extra green mile. Every property has an environmental information board, where team members can get up-dates on procedures & policies. Bellstars can also post a green idea and can be announced as “green thumb” of the month.

At Bellstar we actively celebrate & participate in the following environmental and community events:

  • World Water Day
  • Earth hour
  • Earth Day
  • Arbour Day Canada (in Canada, Maple Leaf Day falls on the last Wednesday in September during National Forest Week.
  • Community Clean up!
  • For our BC properties: BC Shake Out.

Stay™ | Green at The Beach Club Resort

The Beach Club Resort invites all guests to participate in the Stay™ | Green program at The Beach Club by re-using towels and bedding when possible, turning off appliances and lighting when not in use and recycling during your stay. Every ‘green’ choice helps to keep our environment healthy and clean for generations to come.

The Pacific Prime Steak and Chop Restaurant uses many local products to both help support local ventures and cut down on travel emissions from imported food items. The restaurant carefully recycles reusable materials and composts all biodegradable food waste.

The Beach Club Resort is a proud participant in the HAC Green Key Eco-rating program. Through this program The Beach Club Resort has been recognized as a hotel that has taken significant steps to protect the environment. Strong environmental programs, best management practices, training programs, and engineering solutions have been implemented which have benefited the environment and the local community.

Our Housekeeping staff insures that all recyclable waste from guest rooms are sorted and recycled. When a guest room is not in use, Housekeeping closes all drapery to maintain temperatures and cut down on heating and cooling. Using Standard Textile and Taski products in our guest rooms, the resort has chosen to work with companies who prides themselves on initiatives including superior environmentally friendly products, energy saving production facilities, recycling and future environmental initiatives.

The Beach Club Resort has been carefully designed to include environmentally friendly measures. All guest washroom and powder room toilets are TOTO ultra low flush to reduce water usage. One Bedroom Suites include energy saving appliances which are Energy Star compliant. All guest rooms include digital programmable thermostats to efficiently manage heating and cooling and all interior and exterior doors include complete weather-stripping to reduce weather related temperature variations.

All guest room lighting at the resort is provided using Compact Florescent Lighting or standard lighting with power saving dimmers on decorative lighting fixtures. Daily checks are made throughout the resort to turn off lighting in unoccupied rooms and areas. All public areas use Compact Florescent Lighting and digital programmable thermostats, while separate monitored energy meters gauge energy usage throughout the resort and restaurant. The resort buildings’ construction included sprayed foam insulation, all weather caulking and double pane windows for superior energy efficiency.

Bicycle Rentals

The Beach Club is pleased to take part in the BIKE4FREE program by offering free bicycle rentals in conjunction with the Stay™ | Green program. Bicycle rentals are available through Guest Services. Each rental comes with a helmet and a lock. Please inquire about availability by dialing "0" from your guest room phone. There is bicycle storage located in the parkade; we recommend you secure your bicycle with a lock.

Green Bucks

As part of Bellstar’s commitment to sustainability, conservation, and a greener hospitality experience, we offer you Bellstar Green Bucks for each day that you forgo daily housekeeping services during your stay. Green Bucks can be used towards your next Stay at a Bellstar Resort. By taking part in this initiative you will be helping to reduce water consumption, reduce energy consumption, reduce amenity waste, and reduce chemical use. Bellstar’s Stay™ | Green program includes partnerships with Ecostay™, Clean The World, The Green Key Eco-Rating program, and Green Key Meetings program. To learn more about these partnerships, and Bellstar’s commitments to energy efficiency and conservation visit www.bellstar.ca/green.