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Message from Ralf Strub,
President & COO of Bellstar Hotels & Resorts

Dear Guest,

Welcome to The Beach Club Resort, the newest member of Bellstar Hotels & Resorts family. This directory presents information on the many services and unique attractions in this area, as well as detailed information on the amenities and services available at The Beach Club Resort and in Parksville.

For more information about The Beach Club Resort, the surrounding area, and seasonal packages and promotions, explore our website at www.beachclubbc.com. If you are looking for additional information or need any other services, please contact our friendly Guest Services Team by pressing the “Guest Services” button on your in-suite phone, or by dialing “0” from any phone in the resort, they would be happy to assist you.

As a guest of The Beach Club Resort, we would like to extend to you a 15% repeat guest discount at any Bellstar Resort.  For more information about Bellstar's collection of resorts please visit www.bellstar.ca.

We always welcome comments and suggestions. A guest survey will be emailed to you after your stay, please let us know how we did. We invite you to provide your feedback on TripAdvisor as well.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay with us at The Beach Club Resort and we look forward to welcoming you back in the future.

Yours in hospitality,

Ralf Strub

Ralf Strub
President & COO
Bellstar Hotels & Resorts

Your Suite

Check Out

Check out time is 11:00am. Please ensure that you have gathered all personal belongings before exiting your suite. All key cards must be returned to the Front Desk for check-out.

If you wish to request a late check-out, please contact Guest Services by pressing the Guest Services button on your phone before the morning of your departure. A late check-out will not be permitted unless it is requested and approved. An additional charge may be applied to your account for accommodation retained after normal check-out time.


To activate the gas fireplace in a one-bedroom suite, press the switch located directly beside mantle. To save energy and for safety reasons the fireplace will run for 60 minutes before automatically shutting off. Please ensure that the fireplace is off when you leave your room.


Our housekeeping staff would be pleased to provide you with additional toiletries, towels and bedding during your stay. Please press the “Guest Services” button on your phone for assistance.

Daily housekeeping includes garbage and recycling removal, replenishment of toiletries and hot beverage items, replenishment of towels, cleaning and bed making. If you would like a full sheet change when your bed is made, please let the Front Desk know. To help reduce environmental impact, Housekeeping will not replace towels left on towel racks.

Garbage, Compost and Recycling Collection

Garbage, recycling and beyond composting containers are located under your sink. Please use the provided black container for garbage, beige container for compost and blue container for recycling. Garbage, compost and recycling containers are emptied daily by Housekeeping.

If you would like to remove garbage, compost or recycling from your guest room during your stay, garbage, compost and recycling bins are located in the underground parking level beside the East Elevator and Tower Elevator. Thank you for participating in our efforts to help the environment.


The Beach Club Resort is pleased to offer complimentary wireless internet access in all guest rooms and public areas of the resort. To access the internet, open your internet browser, which will re-direct you to The Beach Club Resort Internet Sign-In page. Dial the “Guest Services” button on your phone to receive your unique access code and password. Type in your access code and password and you will be re-directed to The Beach Club Resort Home Page, indicating that you are now connected to the internet.

If you experience difficulty with your wireless connection, please dial "0" on on your phone to speak with the Front Desk.

Grab Bars

The Beach Club Resort is pleased to provide grab bars for use in the bathroom for our guests. Please press the “Guest Services” button on your phone and one of our team members will install them for you.


One and two-bedroom suites and penthouse suites at the Beach Club feature full kitchens. The Kitchen features “West Coast” design and is complemented with granite counters, cork flooring, and custom wood cabinetry. The kitchen has Frigidaire stainless steel appliances, including a dishwasher and microwave. The kitchen is outfitted with dishes, glassware, flatware, pots and pans, and kitchen utensils. Perfect for families, groups of friends, or extended stays; you can comfortably host 8 people and enjoy the unparalleled visual experience of coastal living.


Your refrigerator’s freezer is equipped with an automatic ice maker. If you wish to make ice, push the lever in the freezer down which will activate ice production. Push the lever up to stop ice production. Please ensure that the ice basket is placed below the ice maker during use.


Your microwave is equipped with several different cooking choices. You can choose a specific cooking option (i.e. defrost, popcorn, etc.) or choose to cook for a specific amount of time, which automatically selects high heat cooking. To quick select a cooking time, press the “Start +1 Minute” cooking button, which will add 1 minute of cooking time for every press of the button (i.e. press the button five times for 5 minutes cooking time). Your microwave is also equipped with a hood fan that can be used to vent the stove below. Press “Fan” to turn the fan on or off.


As we provide a wide variety of kitchen implements, cookware and dishes for your use during your stay, we ask that you use the provided dishwasher to clean used dishes. You are welcome to start the wash cycle when you leave your room at check-out time and Housekeeping will empty your dishwasher at no charge.

The dishwasher can be set to wash a specific type of dish load. Fill the dishwasher with dirty dishes, and then add a dishwasher tab in the door of the dishwasher. The dishwasher tab is located under the sink. Choose your wash cycle (i.e. Pots & Pans, Normal or Light) and temperature option (i.e. High Temp Wash, Dry or Heat Dry) by pressing the appropriate button. To start the wash cycle, close the door firmly which will activate the dishwasher.


The flat top stove generates heat directly to the cooking surface. Hot surfaces will be indicated by a light on the back of the stove. Please do not leave pots, pans or any other materials on the stove surface after cooking, as residual heat will continue to generate for several minutes after you turn off the burner.

The oven offers pre-programmable heating, simply key in the temperature you wish to cook at and wait for the oven to heat to the appropriate temperature.

Please note: Ensure that your stove and oven are turned off before leaving your room and do not leave the stove and oven unattended during use.

Room Service

The Beach Club Resort is pleased to offer in-room dining from Pacific Prime Steak & Chop Restaurant. To view the room service menu please click here. Further inquiries can be made by pressing the “Pacific-Prime” button on your phone.


An ice machine providing complimentary ice is located on the 2nd floor Mezzanine of the East Wing, with direct access from the main floor via elevator or stairs. Ice buckets are provided in all guest rooms for ice and one and two-bedroom suite refrigerators have automatic ice machines in their freezers.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services

Dry cleaning and laundry service is offered for guests of The Beach Club Resort from Monday through Saturday. Service is unavailable on Sundays and holidays. For same day service please drop off items to front desk by 8:30am and items will be returned by 6:00pm. Specialty items or repairs may take more time. 

Use the garment bag provided in your closet and fill out the accompanying Dry Cleaning or Laundry form, listing all of the items for cleaning. Call the Front Desk if you would like your dry cleaning picked up. The Beach Club Resort assumes no liability for lost or damaged clothing.

All one and two-bedroom suites include a full size washer and dryer. One package of laundry detergent is provided to you during your stay; should you require more detergent, please contact Guest Services.

Quiet Times

Quiet time at The Beach Club Resort are from 11:00pm to 7:00am. Please keep noise to a minimum during this time period and respect your fellow guests at all times by keeping excessive noise to a minimum. If you wish to alert the Front Desk of noise concerns, press the “Guest Services” button on your phone.

Please note that Parksville Beach is a public area and The Beach Club Resort cannot control noise issues on the beach.


The Beach Club Resort has a strict no smoking policy in all public areas and inside all guest rooms. For more information about the resort’s smoking policy, please press the “Guest Services” button on your phone and the Front Desk will be happy to assist you. A $250 deep cleaning fee will be applied to your bill should you smoke in your guest room.


Electrical current in Canada is 110 volts


Your guest room includes a pre-programmed temperature control system for a continuous comfortable room temperature. If you wish to adjust the temperature of your room, please follow the instructions below.

  • Locate the thermostat on the wall of your guest room and lift the cover.
  • Press the “mode” button repeatedly until “auto” appears; a snowflake and small flame should be indicated on the display. This indicates that the room is ready to either heat or cool.
  • Press the “set temp” button and verify that the settings are as follows:
    - Day cooling (represented by a sun icon and a snowflake) set to 20 degrees Celsius. Night cooling (represented by a moon icon and a snowflake) set to  20 degrees Celsius
    - Day heating (represented by a small sun icon and a small flame icon) set to 17 degrees Celsius. Night heating (represented by a small moon icon and a small flame icon) set to 16 degrees Celsius
    - Press Resume
  • To shut the unit off completely press “mode” repeatedly until “off” appears

The room temperature can be varied to individual guest comfort by simply raising or lowering the set points in the “set temp” menu. (The heating and cooling set points should never be within 2 degrees of each other.) The heating/cooling system will automatically maintain a temperature within the two set heating and cooling temperatures. If the room heating is set at 17 and the cooling set at 20; the temperature will automatically be maintained between those values (i.e. 17-20 degrees).

Please note: The automatic temperature control is affected by balcony doors or windows being left open. If you wish to leave windows or doors open in your room, follow the above instructions to turn your automatic temperature control off while windows and doors are opened.

In Suite Safe

Every suite is equipped with a safe for your personal use during your stay. Studio suite safes are located in the cabinet above the sink; one-bedroom suite safes are located in the hall closet. Please refer to the printed instructions on your safe for operation or call the Front Desk for assistance.

The Beach Club Resort cannot assume responsibly for any lost or stolen items, we recommend that you place all items of value in your in-room safe during your stay.

Sofa Beds

One and two-bedroom suites come equipped with a double sofa bed in the living area. If you require assistance setting up your sofa bed, please press the “Guest Services” button on your phone.

Wake-up Service

If you wish to order a wake-up call, press the “Guest Services” button on your phone and a Front Desk staff member will be happy to book your wake-up call. At the pre-arranged time, your phone will ring to wake you.
All rooms are equipped with a clock radio with programmable alarm options.

DVD Player

To use the in-room DVD player, use the control buttons located on the left side of the television monitor for set-up. For monitors located inside the cabinet in living rooms, turn/twist the left side of the monitor towards you for easier visibility and access.

Follow the steps below to enable the DVD player:

  1. Ensure the TV monitor is turned on using the InnVue remote or the On/Off button on the TV monitor.
  2. Ensure the DVD player is on by pressing the Power button on the left side of the DVD player.
  3. Press the MENU button located on the left side of the TV.
  4. Press the CHANNEL DOWN (-) button on the left side of the TV until “SOURCE” is highlighted on screen.
  5. Press the VOLUME UP (+) button on the left side of the TV to change the source from “TV” to “AV”.
  6. Use the DVD remote control provided to watch DVD movies.

To return to TV mode from DVD, please use the following steps:

  1. Ensure the TV monitor is turned on using the InnVue remote or the On/Off button on the TV monitor.
  2. Press the MENU button located on the left side of the TV.
  3. Press the CHANNEL DOWN (-) button until “SOURCE” is highlighted.
  4. Press the VOLUME DOWN (-) to change the source from AV to TV.

Use the InnVue remote control provided as per normal usage.

TV and In-Room Movie Usage

The InnVue remote control can be used to make the following adjustments to the television set:

  • Turn the TV On/Off using the Power Button
  • Increase (+)/decrease (-) volume/sound using the Volume Button
  • Change channels (arrow up /arrow down) using the Channel Button
  • Change channels by keying the one(s) desired using the Number Pad
  • Order movies using the InnVue Movie listings on Channel 60.

When turned on, the TV will automatically show Channel 60 for Movie Orders. Use the remote to view the selection of movies available and follow the on-screen instructions to make a movie order, or simply change channels to view television programming. To return to the Movie Order Main Screen after browsing movies or television channels, press the “Menu” button on the InnVue remote.

Local TV programming information is located on Channel 44 with times and channels.

If you would like to block any or all of the movie order choices, please contact the Front Desk. In our One and Two Bedroom Suites, movies can be blocked from specific televisions to accommodate specific family viewing choices.

Movie orders will appear on your bill at check-out by price rather than by name to ensure guest privacy. If you would prefer to have your movies charged separately from your room charges, this can be arranged at check out.


Your suite telephone is equipped with several automatic dialing buttons which give direct dialing to Guest Services, the Front Desk, Pacific Prime Steak & Chop Restaurant and Stonewater Spa. If you require assistance operating your phone, Dial” 0” or press the “Guest Services” button to speak to the Front Desk.

Emergency Dial 9 + 911
Front Desk /  Guest Services Dial 0 or press the “Guest Services” button
Room to Room Dial 7 + Room Number
Local Calls Dial 9 + Area Code + Local Number
Direct Dial Long Distance Dial 9 + 1 + Area Code + Number
Operator Assisted International Calling Dial 9 + 1 800 646 0000 and follow prompts
Operated Assisted Calling Dial 9 + 0 + Area Code + Local Number
Message Retrieval
Dial 5000 (Blinking light indicates message)


2 – The Weather Network 35 – TCM
3 – CBC - Vancouver 36 – Food Network
4 – Shaw TV - Nanaimo
37 – OLN
5 – Knowledge Network BC
38 – History Channel
6 – CHEK Victoria
39 – Slice
7 – SRC Vancouver
40 – Discovery Channel
8 – TSN West
43 – Treehouse
9 – CTV - British Columbia
44 – HGTV Canada
10 – OMNI British Columbia
45 – Sportsnet Pacific
11 – TVtropolis 46 – NBC Seattle
12 – A-Channel Victoria
47 – ABC Seattle
13 – CITY – Vancouver 48 – PBS Seattle
17 – CNN 49 – CBS Seattle
18 – A&E 50 – FOX Tacoma
19 – TLC 51 – CBC Newsworld
20 – AMC 52 – CTV News
21 – CMT
53 – Global Vancouer
22 – Sportsnet 360
54 – W Network
23 - Speed
55 – Bravo!usic
24 – Showcase 56 – YTV West
25 – Space Canada 57 – Much More M
26 – Headline News 58 – MTV Canada
27 – APTN West
59 – MuchMusic
28 – TV 5
60 – Vision - East
29 –Encore Avenue 2
61 – CPAC House of Commons
30 – Spike TV 62 –TVA Montreal West
31 – Teletoon West 63 –RDI
32 – The Family Channel 64 –BC Provincial Legislature
33 – Peachtree TV   
34 – Comedy Channel

Our Resort

Stay™ | Connected with The Beach Club Resort


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Hours of Operation

Front Desk: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Bell Service: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm (peak season 7am-11pm)
Valet Service: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (peak season 7am-11pm)
Shuttle Service: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm (based on availability, reservations required) within Parksville/Qualicum area

Pacific Prime Steak & Chop Restaurant and Lounge

All menus can be view by visiting this link.

Peak Season Hours:
- Breakfast: 7:00 am to 11:00 am (Breakfast served to 2pm on Sunday)
- Lunch: 11:00 am to 4:30 pm
- Dinner: 4:30 pm to 11:00 pm (last seating)
- Friday/Saturday: 10:00 pm to 12:00 am (limited menu)
Off Season Hours:
- Breakfast: 7:30 am to 11:00 am
- Lunch: 11:00 am to 2:30 pm
- Dinner: 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm (last seating)
- Friday/Saturday: 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm (limited menu)
In-Room Dining Service:
- Breakfast: 7:30 am to 11:00 am (door hanger menu)
- Lunch/Dinner: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
- After Hours: 9:00 pm to 7:00 am (please contact front desk)

Stonewater Spa:
- Please call for reservations

Indoor Pool:
- 5:30 am to 10:30 pm, 7 days a week.
- 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm is Adults Only Swim.

Fitness Centre:  
- 5:30 am to 10:00 pm, 7 days a week

Guest/Concierge Services

The Beach Club Resort is pleased to offer complimentary concierge services during your stay. The concierge can assist with planning activities, offer information about local attractions and festivals, make reservations on your behalf, or assist with any special services you may require during your stay. Please dial "0" on your phone for concierge service.

Courier Services

Contact the Front Desk for assistance sending packages from the resort. Couriered items sent to guests at the resort will be held at the Front Desk.

Baggage & Luggage

We are pleased to offer complimentary baggage storage during your stay at The Beach Club Resort. Baggage storage is located behind the Concierge Desk in the Main Lobby.

If you require assistance with your luggage at any time during your stay, a Bellman will be happy to assist you. Please dial “0” on your phone to request this service.


Faxes can be sent and received at the Front Desk (charges apply). The fax number of The Beach Club is 250-248-8988. Please ensure that any incoming faxes clearly state your guest name. The Front Desk will leave a message on your guest phone to alert you of received faxes.

Post Office

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, closed on weekends.
250 E Island Highway, Parksville


In case of emergency, please dial 9 + 911 for fire, ambulance and police assistance. Please refer to the Safety and Security section of this directory for more information.

Lost & Found

Any items that are lost or found during your stay can be reported to the Front Desk. If you find an item during your stay, please leave it with our Front Desk staff. The Beach Club Resort makes every effort to return lost items to their rightful owner, but is not responsible for items lost on the property.


Children who visit The Beach Club Resort are sure to leave with lasting memories of running along the warm sand of Parksville Beach, splashing in the indoor pool, watching the eagles fly by their guest room windows or flying their first kite by the ocean.

The resort is walking distance from the Lion’s Venture Land children’s playground with an outdoor jungle gym and water play park, located just east of The Beach Club Resort on Parksville Beach.

The Pacific Prime children’s menu features kid-friendly choices such as Silver Dollar Pancakes for breakfast and Macaroni and Cheese for lunch, helping to create stress-free dining that the whole family will enjoy.


Guests are welcome to use our complimentary underground parking lot during your stay. Vehicles under 6’6” are permitted in the parking lot. If your vehicle is over height, ask the Front Desk to provide you with an alternate parking area. When you check in, you will be provided with a parking permit. Please place this permit in a visible area of your front dashboard during your stay at the resort.

The parking lot is patrolled by The Beach Club Resort security, however we recommend that you do not leave any items of value in your vehicle as The Beach Club Resort is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


For the safety and comfort of all guests, The Beach Club Resort unfortunately cannot accommodate any pets on the property and in all guest rooms. Any persons found to be in contravention will be charged $200.00.

Valet Parking & Shuttle Services

The Beach Club Resort is pleased to offer valet parking and shuttle services to our guests. Visit the Front Desk or dial “0” on your guest room phone for further information. Please note that both services have limited availability during the winter months (October - April) and that shuttle services are provided in the Oceanside area for hotel guests only.


In case of emergency, dial 9 + 911 on your guest phone for fire, ambulance and police assistance. The Front Desk should also be alerted automatically and will be trying to contact you to find out your emergency. The 911 operator also will be calling the resort if the 911 call is cut off so please let the Front Desk know if you dial the emergency number by accident.

The Beach Club Resort is pleased to offer security patrolling of the property. If you see any suspicious activity during your stay, please press the “Guest Services” button on your phone and alert the Front Desk of the issue.

For your safety during your stay, please ensure that your guest room door is firmly closed at all times and that your windows and balcony doors remained closed and locked when you leave your room. Do not open your door to anyone you do not recognize and use the viewport to identify persons at your door. All Beach Club Resort staff wear a Bellstar gold name tag for identification.

Resort Appearance

Please do not use your balcony railing to dry your towels or to hang up banners/flags. The resort should remain appealing to guests and visitors at all times.

Payment Options

The Beach Club Resort, Pacific Prime Steak & Chop Restaurant accepts the following valid credit cards: MasterCard, VISA and American Express. Stonewater Spa accepts the following valid credit cards: MasterCard and Visa.

Fire & Earthquake Procedures

The Beach Club Resort’s Fire and Earthquake Procedures are listed on the back of every guest room door. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the procedures as well as your nearest emergency exit.

Please note that in the event of a fire, do not use the elevators. Rather, take the stairs down to the first floor. Do not bring your belongings with you when you exit, as this may impair your safety. Close your door firmly behind you when you exit.

In the event of a fire, please go to the first floor and exit out to the front of the resort by the fountain. Resort staff will be on hand to address any concerns and let you know when it is safe to re-enter your guest room.

In the unlikely event of an earthquake, stand in a doorway or under a desk until shaking stops. Avoid all areas where you could be hit by flying glass. Do not leave your safe location until 60 seconds after the shaking has stopped.

Vending Machines

Cold drinks vending machines are located on the 2nd floor of the East Wing. Prices for drinks are listed on the machines and accept Canadian coins for purchase. If you need change for the vending machines, please visit the Front Desk.


The resort has three elevators that provide access to rooms, amenities and the underground parking lot. The Tower Elevator is located on to the east of the Main Lobby and provides access to all Tower rooms. The East Elevator is located in the centre of the main building beside Pacific Prime Steak & Chop Restaurant and provides access to East Wing Beach Villas. The West Wing Elevator is located on the west side of the resort and provides access to West Wing Beach Villas.

Meetings and Events

The Beach Club Resort offers everything you need to create a successful meeting or conference, an exciting event or productive corporate retreat. Our Oceanic Ballroom can accommodate small to large meetings and events, with a variety of room configurations to suit your needs. Our Sales and Catering team will work closely with you to design your ideal event and menu, with unique details that will make your event memorable.

The Beach Club Resort accommodates 10 to 200 for receptions, seminars, conferences, weddings, special events or meetings.  We offer a relaxing seaside location combined with state of the art meeting facilities that few can rival.

Please contact the Sales Team for more information. Phone: 604-812-9605, Email: kellyl@bellstar.ca


The most exciting day of your life should be complimented by the perfect setting. The Beach Club Resort’s Sales and Catering team can assist you in creating an exceptional event that leaves a lasting impression.

The Oceanic Ballroom is the ideal setting for larger ceremonies and receptions. With banquet seating for 150, this air conditioned room features state of the art lighting, an electronic screen, LCD projector, wireless internet and superior BOSE sound system.

Your guests will appreciate the opportunity to step outside and enjoy the fresh ocean air from the adjoining private patio. Take in the partial ocean view from the patio tables or access the beach from the paved walkway.

The Sand Dollar Room offers an intimate setting for ceremonies and receptions up to 40 people reception style, or up to 25 for plated dinners.

The west coast décor and beautiful stone fireplace were exclusively designed to create the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable experience.

Please contact the Sales and Catering team for more information. Phone: 250-947-2101, Fax: 250-947-2122, Email: salesandcatering@beachclubbc.com

Resort Map


Click here to download a PDF of the Beach Club Resort Map.

On-Site Activities

Stonewater Spa

Hours: Please call for reservations
The Beach Club Resort is home to Stonewater Spa, featuring luxurious signature treatments and services with Algotherm products. Stonewater Spa offers a peaceful and intimate setting to let go of your cares and enjoy rejuvenation of body and spirit. Stonewater Spa & Salon is located on the 1st floor of The Beach Club Resort beside the Fitness Centre. The spa features a wide variety of unique treatments designed to rid the body of stress and improve overall well being. Press the “Stonewater Spa” button on your phone to be instantly connected to the Spa Reception.  For more information about Stonewater Spa visit their website at the URL below.
Ph: 1.250.947.2123 E: stonewaterspa@beachclubbc.com

Indoor Pool

Hours: 5:30am - 10:30pm
No children are permitted in the pool or pool area from 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm.
Guests of The Beach Club Resort enjoy access to our beachside indoor pool, hot tub and locker rooms, located on the 1st floor of the West Wing, just down from the Stonewater Spa.

The heated indoor pool and hot tub feature panoramic views of Parksville Beach and nearby islands. Guests are also welcome to use the pool’s adjoining locker rooms which include towels, showers, lockers and toiletries.

Please note that there is no lifeguard on duty at the pool and children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian at all times. The pool, hot tub and locker rooms can all be accessed using your guest room key card.

Fitness Centre

Hours: 5:30am - 10:00pm
Keeping active has never been easier when inspired by the view you’ll enjoy in our on-site fitness centre, looking out over Parksville Beach. The fitness centre offers guest complimentary use of free weights, weight machines, recumbent and upright stationary bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines. Guests of the fitness centre enjoy complimentary use of locker rooms, towels, showers, lockers and toiletries. The fitness centre is located on the 1st floor of the West Wing, just down from the Stonewater Spa.

Please note that children under 16 are not permitted to use the Fitness Centre. The fitness centre can be accessed using your guest room key card.

Change Room

Change rooms are available to guests using the pool, hot tub, and fitness centre. The change rooms are available in the pool area and operate during the same hours of the pool.

Beach Access

Guests of The Beach Club Resort enjoy the closest access to Parksville Beach of any resort in the area – it’s just steps from your guest room!

The resort offers walk-on access to the beach from the Pacific Prime Restaurant Patio located on the 1st floor or via the walkway located on the far side of the West Wing. For more information about Parksville Beach, please visit the Local Attractions section of this directory.

Please note that Parksville Beach is a public beach and The Beach Club Resort does not have control over noise or safety issues on the beach. Parksville Beach does not have on-duty lifeguards and children should be accompanied by a parent at all times.


The Beach Club Resort is pleased to offer guests sumptuous dining at the beachside Pacific Prime Steak & Chop Restaurant and private In-room Dining Service.

Browse the in-room dining menu at the back of this directory for room service choices then please call the restaurant (extension 8168) to place your in-room dining order. Breakfast order slips are provided for you in your room. Please place on your door for pick up by 4am.

Business Centre

Guests of the resort are welcome to use our private business centre, located on the 1st floor beside the East Elevator. The business centre offers use of a computer with internet access, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, a black and white printer with printer paper, note pads and pens.  If you require colour copies please speak to the front desk and they would be happy to assist you at a cost of $1.00 per page.

Banking & ATM Machine

The Beach Club Resort has an on-site ATM machine for automatic withdrawal of Canadian funds. The ATM is located on the 1st floor, in the hallway behind the Main Lobby area.

Bicycle Rentals

The Beach Club is pleased to take part in the BIKE4FREE program by offering free bicycle rentals in conjunction with the Stay™ | Green program. Bicycle rentals are available through Guest Services. Each rental comes with a helmet and a lock. Please inquire about availability by dialing "0" from your guest room phone. There is bicycle storage located in the parkade; we recommend you secure your bicycle with a lock.

Sand Seeker Kid'z Kamp

Sand Seeker Kid’z Kamp at The Beach Club Resort is the perfect addition to your child's vacation experience and is a great opportunity for your child to meet new friends, make great memories and have wonderful stories to take back home with them! The cost for Sand Seeker Kid'z Kamp is $25 + HST per child for each 3 hour session. Kamp is open for kids 5 – 12 years of age. Kampers must bring with them: Water, Snacks, Running Shoes, a Hat and Sunscreen. Kid'z Kamp runs from July 2nd - August 30th, 2013. Click here for a list of Kid'z Kamp activities and for more information.

Area Activities and Information

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the wide variety of recreational activities available in the Parksville and Oceanside area, all easily accessible from The Beach Club Resort. Tee off at one of six local golf courses, open year-round in this mild temperate climate. Experience natural beauty up close as you stroll or cycle along one of the area’s many ocean, forest and mountain trails. Or try something completely new and go caving at nearby Horne Lake Caves, voted “Best Natural Outdoor Site in BC” by Attractions Canada.


The Beach Club Resort is close to a wide variety of walking, hiking and mountain biking trails and beautiful regional and provincial parks. Here are a few options to choose from:

Rathtrevor Provincial Park
Located at the southern edge of Parksville off Highway 19A, offers beautiful ocean and forest trails to explore. The easy to navigate walking and cycling trails feature picturesque views, peaceful old growth forests and opportunities to view local and migratory birds and wildlife.

Cathedral Grove
The majestic Cathedral Grove, located in MacMillan Provincial Park on the Alberni Highway 4, featuring ancient Douglas firs and other old growth trees, many over 800 years old. Trails located on either side of the highway take visitors on a self-guided, easy to navigate walk through this incredible stand of forest, as education signage offers information about this delicate ecosystem and natural environment.

Little Qualicum Falls
Located 15 minutes west of Parksville on the Alberni Highway 4, is an incredible natural wonder. Well maintained trails run up and down either side of the Little Qualicum River and feature stunning views of the upper and lower falls. The trail includes some stairs and occasional uneven ground, but is easily accessible for sure footed explorers of all ages.

Englishman River Regional Park
Offering swimming, hiking and mountain biking. Enjoy an exciting hike or mountain bike excursion along the recently built Top Bridge suspension bridge and through the surrounding forested trails. Explore Englishman River Falls in Errington with incredible views of the falls and deep gorge.

Oceanside Place and Ravensong Aquatic Centre
Indoor skating and swimming in Oceanside is a pleasure for the entire family with these two well-maintained facilities. Oceanside Place in Parksville features two NHL regulation sized rinks and a children’s ‘skating pond’.
Ph: 250-248-3252

Ravensong Aquatic Centre
Located in Qualicum Beach.  The Ravensong Aquatic Centre features a 25 metre short course Olympic pool, a children’s leisure pool, large whirlpool, a Nordic dry sauna and Finnish steam room.
Ph: 250-752-5014


The Oceanside area is a beautiful year-round destination for golfers, with six golf courses in close proximity to The Beach Club Resort.


Experience the exhilaration of skiing the slopes of nearby Mount Washington Alpine Resort, located 45 minutes north of The Beach Club Resort. In winter, enjoy downhill skiing and snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and snow tubing. In summer, enjoy the Mile High Chairlift ride, access downhill mountain biking trails, discover scenic hiking trails, or try mini golf, disc golf and the bungee trampoline.
Ph: 1.888.231.1499


Horne Lake Provincial Park, located 20 minutes north of The Beach Club Resort, features an incredible caving opportunity for first time cavers and expert spelunkers. Explore the underground wonders in self-guided and guided tours as you view unique crystal formations and ancient fossils.

Local Attractions

The City of Parksville is part of the Oceanside Community, which includes Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Nanoose Bay, Errington and Coombs. Each area of Oceanside offers unique and exciting year-round attractions for the whole family to explore. The Beach Club Resort’s ideal location in the heart of The City of Parksville makes it easy for our guests to enjoy everything the Oceanside area has to offer. Please visit the provided websites for additional information, admission costs and hours of operation for local attractions.

Milner Gardens and Woodland
Spread over 60 beautiful acres beside the ocean, Milner Gardens has been a popular local attraction for residents and visitors to the Oceanside area for generations. Visit the beautiful gardens and walk through the forested trails with old growth Douglas firs and cedars. Make sure to leave time to enjoy Milner’s afternoon tea in the Camilla Tea Room, located in the drawing room of the historic Milner House.
Ph: 1.250.752.8573

Paradise Adventure Mini Golf and Bumper Boats
Located 2 minutes north from The Beach Club Resort, Paradise Mini Golf is an exciting adventure, with two ¼ scale 18 hole courses featuring cascading waterfalls, a full rigged pirate ship, treasure cave, watermill, lighthouse, a Victorian mansion and more. Paradise’s bumper boats are sure to help cool everyone off on a hot day with their 10 boats featuring water cannons.

Coombs Market
Located in the nearby town of Coombs on Alberni Highway 4, the Coombs Market is open year-round with a variety of unique shops to browse and many tasty dining choices. Visit the Old Country Market and see the famous ‘Goats on the Roof’ who dine on the grass covered roof of the market. Inside, discover a plethora of international imported food items, an extensive deli, fresh baking and desserts and, of course… ice cream! The on-site restaurant serves home cooking with indoor and outdoor seating.

Summer by the Sea Market
Explore local artists and vendors while enjoying live entertainment at the Summer by the Sea Street Market on Craig Street, just 2 minute’s walk south from The Beach Club Resort. Taking place every Tuesday in July and August from 6 to 9 pm, the open air market features artisans and crafts, local produce and baking, all accompanied by musical entertainment.

Errington Farmers Market
The Errington Farmers Market features local artisans, crafts, baking and produce in a peaceful forest environment. Try one of their popular cinnamon buns as you browse the vendor tables or sit back and enjoy the live entertainment at the bandstand.

The Qualicum Beach Farmers Market
A wonderful way to begin a day of exploring Qualicum Beach, the Qualicum Beach Farmers Market features local artisans, crafts, baking and produce right in the heart of the town. 

Bard to Broadway Theatre
An annual summer theatre event for almost a decade, Bard to Broadway has become a popular theatrical choice on Vancouver Island with its exciting line up of classical and modern plays. Skilled regional actors and new talent work in harmony to give excellent performances that keep audiences cheering for more.
Ph: 250-248-0444

Little Qualicum Cheese Works
A short 7 minute drive from The Beach Club Resort takes you to a culinary adventure at Little Qualicum Cheese Works. This working farm, open year round, invites visitors to take a self-guided tour around the property, viewing the cow herd and other animals of the farm. The cheese store offers an impressive variety of local cheeses with exceptional flavour. Sample them all before choosing your favourites to take home.

Tiger Lily Farm
Bring the kids and explore life on a farm in nearby Errington. Children are encouraged to get to know the farm animals and even help out at feeding time. Admission includes one pony ride per child, so saddle up for a memorable ride. Tiger Lily Farm also offers guided trail rides through the beautiful forests of the area and riders will enjoy learning more about this fascinating ecosystem from their educated guide.

World Parrot Refuge
This unique attraction is a refuge for previously owned parrots who need a safe and secure home. The World Parrot Refuge is an educational facility that cares for over 700 parrots and teaches the public about these fascinating and colourful birds.

Butterfly World and Gardens
Enjoy an exotic experience as you stroll through the gardens filled with tropical trees, plants, flowers and thousands of free flying butterflies from around the world. Visit the orchid gardens, the indoor turtle pond, water gardens, and many other unique natural attractions.

North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre

This non-profit association rescues injured birds and animals, helping to heal, rehabilitate and, when possible, release them back into the wild. The centre features a public viewing area, Museum of Nature and Wildlife Learning Centre, the largest eagle flight cage of its kind in Canada and on-site resident educational birds who live at the centre and take part in live presentations.

Parksville Beach

Guests of The Beach Club Resort enjoy the closest access to Parksville Beach of any resort in the area – it’s just steps from your guest room! The resort offers walk-on access to the beach, voted the favorite family-friendly beach in Canada by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine readers.

Parksville Beach is a beautiful and unique area, with crystal clear salt water and the warmest ocean swimming in Canada at high tide. At low tide miles of warm flat sand and tide pools are revealed for walking, exploring the marine flora and fauna, picnicking and sun bathing. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy viewing the wide variety of local and migratory birds including Bald Eagles, Brant Geese and herons, as well as marine wildlife including seals, sea lions and the annual Strait of Georgia whale migration.

Please be respectful of the beach and do not take any sand dollars or seashells.

The beach is home to many festivals throughout the year including the annual Parkville Beach Festival, Canada Day festivities and fireworks display, the Canadian Open Sandcastle Festival, the Brant Wildlife Festival and Kidsfest.

Travel BC Visitor Information Centre
The Beach Club Resort’s Front Desk and Concierge staff is well versed in our area and would be happy to offer tourism information to our guests.  Visit the Front Desk or press the “Guest Services” button on your phone for further information.

  • Parksville Visitor’s Centre
    The Parksville Vistor Centre has extensive tourist information and on-site staff.
    1275 E Island Highway
  • Oceanside Tourism Association
    The Oceanside Tourism Association has extensive online tourist information for Parksville and District.


For up-to-date information on weather and road reports, please call any of the numbers below. Or visit the Weather Network website.

  • Airport Information
    Ph: 1.403.292.8477
  • National Weather Information
    Ph: 1.800.668.6767
  • Parks Canada Road Report
    Ph: 403.762.1450

Grocery Stores

If you would like to stock the kitchen in your suite, here are some of the local grocery stores.

  • Naked Naturals Whole Foods Ltd
    142 Alberni Highway, Parksville
    Ph: 1.250.951.0277
  • Thrifty Foods
    280 East Island Highway, Parksville
  • Brit Foods
    166 W Island Hwy, Parksville
  • Shoppers Grocery Mart
    149 Alberni Hwy, Parksville
  • Quality Foods
    319 East Island Highway, Parksville
    Ph: 1.250.954.2262

Liquor Stores

  • Liquor Stores-Government
    319b E Island Hwy, Parksville
  • Liquor Depot
    163 Alberni Hwy, Parksville
    Ph: 1.250.954.1989
  • Bayside Liquor Store
    240 Dogwood Street, Parksville


Local Airports & Ferries

The Beach Club Resort is centrally located in Parksville on Vancouver Island within easy driving distance of airports and ferry terminals. The following contact information is provided to assist you with your travel plans.

Nanaimo Seaplane Terminal

Shuttle Services

Shuttle service is available to and from The Beach Club Resort to Nanaimo ferry terminals and airport and Comox airport from 7:00am to 11:00pm by contacting AC Shuttle and The Nanaimo Airporter, offering superior Vancouver Island shuttle service. For AC Shuttle Service, call 250-758-2133, Toll Free 1-800-209-7792 or visit them online at www.nanaimoairporter.com.

Local service within the Oceanside area (Parksville/Qualicum Beach) is complimentary based on availability.  Please contact “Guest Services” for details.

Taxi Service

If you require a taxi during your stay, please press the “Guest Services” button on your phone and the Front Desk will arrange a taxi for you.

  • Alliance Taxi
    Ph: 250.954.5567


Transportation by bus can be arranged by contacting one of the following providers.

  • Greyhound Bus Lines
    For transportation to other cities/towns in Canada and the United States.
    Ph: 1.800.661.8747

Car Rentals

If you require a rental car during your stay, please press the “Guest Services” button on your phone and the Front Desk would be please to assist you in arranging a rental car.

  • Budget Parksville Rent-A-Car
    Please visit the links below and fill out the forms to see available cars, and rates for your rental days.
    405 East Island Highway, Parksville
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    3440 Shenton Road, Nanaimo
    Ph: 250-751-1200

Stay™ | Green

Bellstar Hotels & Resorts has created the Stay™ | Green program - a sustainability plan incorporating company-wide triple-bottom-line operating policies and environmentally-friendly business practices to educate guests, suppliers and staff and to help preserve our planet for future generations. A standard set of guidelines are provided to all operational teams at our hotels and resorts with the goal of creating a sustainable world by using non-intrusive, high quality, eco-friendly products and services. Although these are steps in the right direction, we are constantly striving to create new opportunities to further decrease our ecological footprint while advancing the exceptional experience that our guests expect. Visit bellstar.ca/green for more information.


Bellstar is a leading supporter of the Green Key and the Green Meeting Eco-Rating program. The Green Key and the Green Meeting Eco-Rating program are graduated rating systems designed to recognize hotels, motels, and resorts that are committed to improving their environmental performance. Based on the results of a comprehensive environmental audit, hoteliers are awarded a green key rating from 1-5 and given guidance on how to "unlock" opportunities to reduce environmental impacts through reduced utility consumption, employee training, and supply chain management. For more information on Bellstar’s Stay™ | Green partnerships please visit bellstar.ca/green.

The Beach Club Resort is certified by, or partners with the following organizations:

     Green Key Meetings Logo    Clean the World logo    Green Key Eco-Rating Program logo    EcoStay logo

Green Key Meetings

Green Key Global and The MPI Foundation Canada created the Green Key Meetings program as a comprehensive assessment tool for hotel and resort properties that host meetings of any size. The assessment tool not only tells a hotel property what it has done to date, it provides a roadmap on how to improve. Using the existing Green Key Eco-Rating Program as a benchmark, the program is a comprehensive assessment designed as a tool to provide Travel, Meeting and Conference Planners with a sense of a hotel’s level of commitment to environmental issues. For more information about Green Key Meetings please visit bellstar.ca/green-key-meetings.

Green Key Eco-Rating Program

The Green Key Eco-Rating Program is a graduated rating system designed to recognize hotels, motels and resorts that are committed to improving their environmental and fiscal performance. Based on the results of a comprehensive environmental self-assessment, hoteliers are awarded a 1-5 Green Key rating and provided with guidance on how to "unlock" opportunities to reduce environmental impacts and operating costs through reduced utility consumption, employee training, and supply chain management. Each Bellstar property has been individually rated by Green Key so that you, the guest, can better understand the level of sustainable practices at the property. The Beach Club Resort has a level 5 Green Key rating. For more information about the Green Key Eco-Rating program visit bellstar.ca/green-key-eco-program.

Clean The World

Clean the World is a foundation committed to reducing the waste created by discarded soap and shampoo products while preventing deaths by hygiene-related illnesses around the world. By sending the unused portion of Bellstar's soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion products to Clean the World's recycling facilities, we are decreasing the waste in our landfills and helping improve the quality of life for those in homeless shelters and impoverished countries worldwide. For more inforation about Clean the World visit bellstar.ca/clean-the-world.


Bellstar Hotels & Resorts partners with EcoStay™, a program that will offset our properties carbon footprint. The program will be launched in all Canmore and Osoyoos properties on April 20, 2012. EcoStay™ is a national initiative that helps hotels measure their carbon footprint, identify and fund reduction strategies and balance off their greenhouse gas emissions through carbon offsetting.

Under the program, Bellstar properties will collect two dollars per night from hotel guests. Funds will be used to purchase carbon offsets in support of emission-reducing projects across the province such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, composting and recycling - making each hotel night completely ‘carbon neutral’. The guest’s contribution completely offsets the impact or their stay, and more.  Carbon offsets are supplied by LivClean, a top ranked retailer by the David Suzuki Pembina. All LivClean Eco-Stay™ Carbon Offset Projects are listed on the CSA Group’s GHG CleanProjects™ Registry ensuring ISO 14064-2 reporting and independent ISO 14064-3 verification.  In addition, each offset tonne is uniquely serialized by CSA Group to ensure proper retirement and avoid double counting. For more inforation about Ecostay™ visit bellstar.ca/ecostay.

Team Green Effort

Each Bellstar property has an assigned Stay™ | Green committee consisting of three Bellstars (Bellstar team members). The team meets once a month to discuss environmental issues and strategies to go the extra green mile. Every property has an environmental information board, where team members can get up-dates on procedures & policies. Bellstars can also post a green idea and can be announced as “green thumb” of the month.

At Bellstar we actively celebrate & participate in the following environmental and community events:

  • World Water Day
  • Earth hour
  • Earth Day
  • Arbour Day Canada (in Canada, Maple Leaf Day falls on the last Wednesday in September during National Forest Week.
  • Community Clean up!
  • For our BC properties: BC Shake Out.

Stay™ | Green at The Beach Club Resort

The Beach Club Resort invites all guests to participate in the Stay™ | Green program at The Beach Club by re-using towels and bedding when possible, turning off appliances and lighting when not in use and recycling during your stay. Every ‘green’ choice helps to keep our environment healthy and clean for generations to come.

The Pacific Prime Steak and Chop Restaurant uses many local products to both help support local ventures and cut down on travel emissions from imported food items. The restaurant carefully recycles reusable materials and composts all biodegradable food waste.

The Beach Club Resort is a proud participant in the HAC Green Key Eco-rating program. Through this program The Beach Club Resort has been recognized as a hotel that has taken significant steps to protect the environment. Strong environmental programs, best management practices, training programs, and engineering solutions have been implemented which have benefited the environment and the local community.

Our Housekeeping staff insures that all recyclable waste from guest rooms are sorted and recycled. When a guest room is not in use, Housekeeping closes all drapery to maintain temperatures and cut down on heating and cooling. Using Standard Textile and Taski products in our guest rooms, the resort has chosen to work with companies who prides themselves on initiatives including superior environmentally friendly products, energy saving production facilities, recycling and future environmental initiatives.

The Beach Club Resort has been carefully designed to include environmentally friendly measures. All guest washroom and powder room toilets are TOTO ultra low flush to reduce water usage. One Bedroom Suites include energy saving appliances which are Energy Star compliant. All guest rooms include digital programmable thermostats to efficiently manage heating and cooling and all interior and exterior doors include complete weather-stripping to reduce weather related temperature variations.

All guest room lighting at the resort is provided using Compact Florescent Lighting or standard lighting with power saving dimmers on decorative lighting fixtures. Daily checks are made throughout the resort to turn off lighting in unoccupied rooms and areas. All public areas use Compact Florescent Lighting and digital programmable thermostats, while separate monitored energy meters gauge energy usage throughout the resort and restaurant. The resort buildings’ construction included sprayed foam insulation, all weather caulking and double pane windows for superior energy efficiency.

Bicycle Rentals

The Beach Club is pleased to take part in the BIKE4FREE program by offering free bicycle rentals in conjunction with the Stay™ | Green program. Bicycle rentals are available through Guest Services. Each rental comes with a helmet and a lock. Please inquire about availability by dialing "0" from your guest room phone. There is bicycle storage located in the parkade; we recommend you secure your bicycle with a lock.

Green Bucks

As part of Bellstar’s commitment to sustainability, conservation, and a greener hospitality experience, we offer you Bellstar Green Bucks for each day that you forgo daily housekeeping services during your stay. Green Bucks can be used towards your next Stay at a Bellstar Resort. By taking part in this initiative you will be helping to reduce water consumption, reduce energy consumption, reduce amenity waste, and reduce chemical use. Bellstar’s Stay™ | Green program includes partnerships with Ecostay™, Clean The World, The Green Key Eco-Rating program, and Green Key Meetings program. To learn more about these partnerships, and Bellstar’s commitments to energy efficiency and conservation visit www.bellstar.ca/green.

Bellstar Resorts

Bellstar Hotels & Resorts is proud to offer an inspired collection of upscale resorts. Whether you would like to stay with us for a night, a week, a month, or want to invest in your own vacation residence, all Bellstar properties have one thing in common: a passion for delivering exceptional resort experiences. For more information about Bellstar Hotels & Resorts, please visit www.bellstar.ca.

Canmore, Alberta

Solara Resort & Spa
A stylish and luxurious resort nestled in the Canadian Rockies. Solara offers guests the ability to stay luxuriously cozy in fully furnished suites while exploring the great outdoors. Solara’s amenities include two indoor relaxation pools, kids water play area, kids play area, and the Three Peaks Conference Centre which includes the 96 seat Aurora Theatre, the Bow and Chinook Ballrooms, the Business Centre, and breakout rooms.
Ph: 403.678.4083
Toll Free: 1.877.778.5617
Email: stay@solararesort.ca

The Lodges at Canmore
The Lodges at Canmore offers the convenience of a hotel with the subtleties of your own vacation condo. This family-friendly resort features 1 and 2 Bedroom units, an outdoor heated pool and hot tub, and underground heated parking.
Ph: 403.678.9350
Toll Free: 1.866.678.9350
Email: stay@canmorelodges.ca

Fire Mountain Lodge
A Boutique Resort in Canmore that brings style and luxury into the four-season wonderland that is the spectacular Canadian Rockies. Fire Mountain Lodge is where Aspen meets New York. Indulge in stunning views of the Three Sisters mountains, Fire Mountain Lodge is moments from championship golf, world-class skiing, hiking, Banff National Park, great restaurants and Canmore's vibrant culture.
Ph: 403.609.9949
Toll Free: 1.866.740.3473
Email: stay@firemountain.ca

Canmore Crossing
Located right in the centre of the charming Rocky Mountain town of Canmore Alberta, Canmore Crossing condo-resort puts you in the heart of year-round adventure and excitement. Experience Canmore’s charming Main Street shops and fine restaurants, plus the town’s vibrant culture of music festivals and mountain fun.
Email: stay@canmorecrossing.ca

Kicking Horse, British Columbia

Glacier Mountaineer Lodge
Glacier Mountaineer Lodge offers convenient access to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort’s gondola to whisk you over 4,000 feet up to breathtaking mountain views, hiking and mountain biking trails. This resort is in the heart of the alpine village action, and offers the choice of guest rooms, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom plus den suites. Suites include cozy fireplaces and full kitchens.
Ph: 250.439.1160
Toll Free: 1.877.754.5486
Email: stay@glaciermountaineer.ca

Palliser Lodge
Palliser Lodge at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort offers the perfect location to relax and unwind just a few minutes’ walk from Gondola Plaza. After visiting Boo at the Grizzly Bear Refuge or enjoying a scenic alpine walk, relax in the comfort of your spacious fully appointed condo suite. In the evenings, take a stroll and marvel at the mountain sunsets.
Ph: 250.439.1160
Toll Free: 1.877.754.5486
Email: stay@palliserlodgeresort.ca

The Aspens at Kicking Horse
This resort offers a collection of townhomes that are surrounded by beautiful forests with sweeping views of the Rockies. The Aspens are well situated for hassle free access to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort with amazing mountain biking, hiking and a quiet retreat in the summer, and champagne powder skiing and snowboarding in the winter. The Aspens offers a year round getaway for families or a group of friends.
Ph: 250.439.1160
Toll Free: 1.877.754.5486

Okanagan, British Columbia

Spirit Ridge Vineyard Resort & Spa
A true desert oasis on the shores of Lake Osoyoos and amidst the NK’MIP vineyard, this 5 star resort comes complete with an on-site 9-hole golf course, conference centre ready to host weddings, reunions and meetings, a spa ready to pamper you, a restaurant to inspire you and a winery to tantalize your taste buds. Each condo at the resort has a gourmet kitchen, dining area, living rooms and a fireplace.
Osoyoos, BC
Ph: 250.495.5445
Toll Free: 1.877.313.9463
Email: stay@spiritridge.ca

Kootenays, British Columbia

Kokanee Springs Resort
Kokanee Springs Resort is one of Canada's finest championship 18 hole courses. This graceful track, considered by many to be the flagship of Kootenay golf courses, resides in a magnificent mountain setting on Kootenay Lake. Every hole is framed by spectacular panoramic views of the Kokanee Glacier and surrounding area.
Crawford Bay, BC
Ph: 250.227.9226
Toll Free: 1.800.979.7999

Emergency Info


For emergencies, or if you require an ambulance, dial "9" on your phone followed by "911". If you see smoke or suspect that there is a fire, please go to the nearest fire alarm pull‐station and sound the alarm.

Medical Clinics and Hospitals

The Front Desk has first aid supplies available for minor injuries during your stay. Please visit the Front Desk if you require printed driving directions to either hospital.

  • Parksville Walk-In Clinic
    Hours: Monday - Friday, 5:00pm to 9:00pm.  Saturday and Sunday 9:00am and 5:00pm
    154 Memorial Avenue, Parksville
    Ph: 250-248-5757
    Ph: 250-248-7200 (after hours recorded information)
  • Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
    1200 Dufferin Crescent, Nanaimo
    Ph: 250-248-2332
  • West Coast General Hospital
    3949 Port Alberni Highway, Port Alberni
    Ph: 250-723-2135


The following pharmacies will fill prescriptions and provide over‐the‐counter medicine.

  • Shoppers Drug Mart
    140 E Island Hwy, Parksville
    Ph: 250-248-3611
  • The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
    192 West Island Highway #102, Parksville
    Ph: 250-248-6695
  • Pharmasave
    Box 10, #1 - 281 East Island Hwy, Parksville


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is the local police service. For emergencies, or if you require an ambulance, dial "9" on your phone followed by "911."
Ph: 250-248-6111

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